Photo diary
The renovation of the Na Smetance house began in the summer of 2014. From its final phase, you too can watch the development in the house through this section. You will see the people who influence its transformation as well as the changes of the place itself.

left:      1938

right:   27th October 2015

from left: František Pospíšil, arch- Ladislav Lábus, Rolf Wismer


Ms. Věra Meisnerová, born Prokopová,

daughter of the first owner of the house

Zuzana Meisnerová, arch. Vít Krušina

27th October 2015

27th October 2015

Staircase  restored to its former glory


The new garage

original staircase

flat N. 19

….every Thursday


parking space

A Room with a View – of Rieger Park

View of Vinohrady

Zuzana Meisnerová, Arch. Krušina

Rolf Wismer

Flat No. 10 (kitchen)

bathroom, flat N. 5

Bathroom in superstructure

Andrea, the Kitchen-constructor

The house from courtyard

Rolf Wismer, Ing. Stříteský, site manager, Ing. Machková, controlling

View from the terrace

The Church St. Ludmila, Vinohrady

Arch. Ladislav Lábus, Arch. Vít Krušina

Bathroom (almost finished)

White/gray Italian kitchen

(momentaly protected with blue plastic film)

Future parking space

View from 6th floor

Staircase in June

6th floor – superstructure



View of the house

site by František PolákTeodorik Menšl